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The Manshausen Sea Cabins photographed by Steve King

The New Year means that our travel lists can be overturned and overhauled. With new destinations to explore and discover, Total Management Travel has looked into some of the most significant travel trends of the last 12 months and compiled a definitive go-to list for 2017. Covering Europe, the UK, Central America and the Pacific, we journey through the fascinating and historic locations that will be making an impact in the months ahead. With accommodation provided by The Away Collection, all that remains now is to buy a notebook to get that list started. Happy New Year and Happy Travels.



Comporta, Portugal 

Located on the west coast of Portugal and within an hour’s drive of Lisbon, Comporta has slowly but surely become one of the most talked about locations on the Iberian Peninsula. Known for its relaxed beach lifestyle and interesting hamlets, of which there are seven – Comporta being one of them – the Herdade da Comporta area pulls in visitors from near and far for its rugged coastline and largely untouched beaches. This is said to be authentic Portugal in its rawest form.


Grandola House | Portugal

Hidden amongst pine tree covered hills and olive groves, on the stunning Alentejo coast, unique property Grandola House offers a blend of contemporary minimalism and traditional influences. Designed by contemporary award-winning architect Manuel Aires Mateus, Grandola House is a one-of-a-kind property close to the traditional village of Melide, located a half an hour’s drive from the town of Comporta.



Cornwall, UK

A long-time favourite of visitors to the UK, Cornwall remains one of the most traditional places to visit for its food, hospitality, way of life and spectacular scenery. Known moreover for its mild climate, the region of Cornwall on the far tip of western England was once home to only a collection of pretty fishermen villages and quiet hamlets. In recent decades, following concentrated funding and improved access to the region, Cornwall is now home to various boutique hotels, designer outlets, bars and fine dining restaurants, making it a true international destination. Famed for its great surfing, kite surfing, beautiful coastal walks and landmarks, Cornwall never really left our list.


Harbour House | Cornwall, UK

Tucked away in a traditional fishing village in Cornwall, Harbour House offers a peaceful and private escape on the coast. The bedroom has views straight out across the harbour – the perfect opportunity to throw open the windows and enjoy the fresh sea air. This nautical inspiration can be seen throughout the property in its unique design and style.



Manshausen, Norway

Said to be where the sea meets the mountains, this breathtaking island in Norway reflects the true beauty of this diverse country. Offering a number of seasonal activities including kayaking, snorkelling, biking, climbing, snowshoeing and hiking, a trip to Manshausen is like none other. Scandinavia remains firmly imprinted on our must-visit lists, and in 2017 our desires are set to extend away from the cities to the raw and untouched countryside where many of the authentic Scandinavian traditions still remain – think saunas and open water swimming. Thanks to the explorations of Polar explorer Borge Ousland, Manshausen has been placed on the map and offers a glimpse into the breadth of opportunities offered by these beautiful northern nations.


Manshausen Island | Norway

This unique design resort is built on a small 55-acre private island in Northern Norway. Get back to nature at this secluded retreat and take your chance at glimpsing the ethereal Northern Lights. Located in the Arctic Circle, just across the fjord from Lofoten, Manshausen was recently opened in 2015 by renowned Polar Explorer Borge Ousland. The island contains four spectacular design cabins built by architect Snorre Stinessen, as well as a main house for meals and shared communal areas. The island also provides a range of equipment so that guests can go on adventures, from kayaking to trekking to fishing. The beautiful and dramatic surroundings also provide an ideal location for activities such as diving and rock climbing.



Russell, New Zealand

Once known as Kororāreka, Russell was the first permanent European settlement and sea port in New Zealand, and also briefly its first capital. For a short time also known as the “Hell Hole of The Pacific” due to a period of lawlessness, today Russell is brimming with stylish and cosmopolitan offerings, from bars to restaurants and boutique fashion stores. A place of firsts some might say, this relatively unknown post outside of The Pacific attracts many visitors for its spectacular setting and access to other areas in New Zealand’s Bay of Islands.


Rahimoana, Bay of  Islands | New Zealand

Rahimoana is undoubtedly one of the most spectacular properties in the Bay of Islands. Offering elegant, modern minimalism, the floor to ceiling sliding glass walls offer 360 degree views of the outstanding natural beauty which surrounds the villa.



Costa Rica, Central America

The incredibly bio diverse landscape of Costa Rica offers abundant and varied opportunities to explore and discover the beauty of this Central American paradise. Said to be one of the happiest places to live on earth, it is hard to imagine why it still remains relatively low on our travel bucket lists. Home to the largest hummingbird community in the world where you will find over 50 species in Costa Rica alone, this country is made up of many quirky natural marvels. Now served by major airlines direct between London and its capital San José, it will not be staying so quiet for long.


The Floating House | Hermosa Cóbano Beach, Costa Rica

The Floating House in Costa Rica is a one of a kind property in the tropical treetops above Hermosa Beach. Receiving five awards at the prestigious Costa Rican Binneal in 2015 as well as featuring in a number of publications such as Inhabitat, Dezeen, Design Boom, World Architecture News and Su Casa Magazine, the Floating House truly is a marvel. Made up of a number of ‘treehouse’ style buildings, the property is connected by bamboo walkways from the bedrooms to living areas.

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