The Unconventional Luxury Made in Italy

A mix of art, fashion and culture, the Eternal City exudes a style and charm unique to the Italian capital. Nestled on the edge of the iconic Piazza Navona, the G-Rough hotel brings to Rome unconventional Italian-made luxury.

G-Rough is the sister hotel of the charming PalazzinaG in Venice, an elegant and exclusive property designed by Philippe Starck, full of vibrancy and history.

Located in a 17th century private residence, G-Rough has 10 unique suites split over the five-storey building, each with a refined, warm and homely atmosphere. More than 20 contemporary artists were specially commissioned to create works onsite, which now sit alongside furniture designed by iconic Italian designers from the 1930s to the 1970s, such as Ico Parisi, Giò Ponti, Guglielmo Ulrich and Archimede Seguso.

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Built in the 1600s and renovated in the late 1800s, the building’s architecture showcases a bourgeois Roman style typical of the 17th century; a Latin inscription at the entrance reads: “Satis ampla quae securitate rideat” meaning “big enough to give a feeling of security”. Offering more than just elegance and comfort, G-Rough keeps its original wooden ceilings, patina walls, and meandering floor plans, reminiscent of traditional Roman apartments.

To bring Gabriele Salini and Emanuele Garosci’s vision to life, architect Giorgia Cerulli was chosen for this project. Following the hotel’s ‘rough luxe’ ethos, they opted to make only minor renovations to the building and the interior decorations, by Benedetta Salini and Vittorio Mango, to keep the same antiquity and style within: brushed-brass counters, faded bronze mirrors and collections of vintage furniture pieces…

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These 5 floors are more a gallery than a hotel: the Italian furniture and commissioned artworks are perfectly placed with style and finesse, creating a vintage Italian design.

Garosci and Salini bring to G-Rough their desire to have the world experience the Eternal City like a true Roman.

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Piazza di Pasquino, 69, 00186 Roma, Italy

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