As the world’s least populated country known for its raw and untouched nature, active volcanoes, mountains and mystical glaciers, Iceland is also a hub of innovation, quirkiness and visionary gastronomy. Not many people know that it also plays host to the oldest parliament in the world and a number of other bizarre idiosyncrasies which makes it the ideal location for the inspired and intrepid traveller.  Unsurprising perhaps for a country battered by a recent financial crisis that its capital city is host to a fast growing number of start-ups and entrepreneurs. Reykjavik’s forward thinking business and tech community has been slowly but surely rebuilding the reputation of the country making it attractive to new investors and visitors on a global scale. Powered by clean energy, a healthy and green ethos and a host of innovative restaurants, the small yet mighty Reykjavik is on the brink of a cultural regeneration.


101 Hotel | Hverfisgata 10

Considered one of the most chic hotels in Iceland’s capital, 101 Hotel oozes simplistic charm. Hosting a permanent collection of artworks, this property is modern and forward thinking.

ION Luxury Adventure Hotel | Nesjavellir, 801, Iceland

Venture an hour out of Reykjavík to this property set amongst dramatic Icelandic lava fields. This contemporary hotel is the perfect location to experience a wealth of outdoor activities, from exploring the Thingvellir National Park, to glacier hikes, diving in the Silfra Fissure (a unique rift between two continental tectonic plates) and catching a glimpse of the elusive Northern Lights.




Fiskfelagid | Esturgötu 2a, Grófartorg, 101

Said to serve some of Iceland’s best food, the menu at Fiskfelagid integrates influences from all over the world along with specialties including salted cod and burnt langoustines.

Mar Restaurant | Geirsgata 9, 101

Located in the Old Harbour in Reykjavik centre, MAR specialises in seafood with a staunchly ‘whale friendly’ policy and as such they do not serve whale meat.

Grillmarkadurinn | Esturgötu 2a, Grófartorg, 101

Grillmarkadurinn (or The Grill Market) focuses on the close collaboration with the local farmers to guarantee the very best of local produce and ingredients. The menu features a range of meat, fish and game grill traditional dishes, but you will also find some whale steak and reindeer mini burgers.




Culture House | Hverfisgata 15

A collaboration between Iceland’s three leading museums: the National Museum of Iceland, National Gallery of Iceland and Natural History and the National Archives of Iceland, National and University Library of Iceland, and Árni Magnússon Institute for Icelandic Studies, this building displays a collection of some of Iceland’s most iconic art and cultural symbols.

Thingvellir National Park (Þingvellir) 

Iceland’s ancient parliament, Althingi was established here in 930 AD – its name also literally meaning ‘Parliament Plains’ – it is now a point of natural beauty and considered a national shrine. Thingvellir is also geologically remarkable with an unparalleled view of the tectonic plate boundaries which form remarkable scenery.


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