Palm Springs

Set in the Sonoran Desert in California, Palm Springs is a hotspot (literally) for all things glamorous. From its fashionable visitors and stylish resorts to palm-lined streets and natural hot springs, the city is a must-visit during the Fall as it boasts gorgeous weather year-round.



Parker Palm Springs

Photo courtesy of Parker Palm Springs

Retro, hip, luxurious — the list of adjectives that recent guests attach to the Parker Palm Springs is long and overwhelmingly positive. From the exterior, the property looks like a classic Palm Springs resort, but inside, guests find themselves among chic furnishings, modern artwork and stylish facilities. Guest room decor uses white and beige hues as a jumping-off point for bold colors and quirky patterns. The hotel features the PSYC spa and gourmet eateries that earn guests’ praise. However, the unanticipated kicker of Parker Palm Springs is that you can even take a piece of it home with you! Celebrated and world-renowned photographer Gray Malin exhibited the hotel in his “Palm Springs” series, which features wild animals roaming the premises in a playful series of events. Through these photographs, Malin, thus, exhibits the unique charm and quirky feel of the one and only Park Palm Springs.

4200 E Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92264


Photo courtesy of The Saguaro Palm Springs

Putting a colorful twist on the throwback 1970s-style motel, The Saguaro in Palm Springs marries charm and chintz between rainbow-colored walls. The guest rooms at the hotel are decorated in an explosion of loud colors and its pool is surrounded by blindingly yellow parasols. This funky hotel in the desert does take one thing seriously: food. The hotel is home to El Jefe, a desert cantina that’s highly recommended by recent guests, as well as a pool bar and Rocco’s Electric.

1800 E Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92264

Colony Palms Hotel

Photo courtesy of Colony Palms

Colony Palm Springs operates as one of Palm Springs’ most iconic and luxurious boutique downtown hotels. Built in the 1930s, this fifty-seven-room resort retains many charming features of its original Spanish colonial architecture, from arched entryways and covered ceilings to original ceramic floor tiles. Colony Palms Hotel, however, freshened up its so-called look and design aesthetic in 2007, undergoing a massive restoration project. The hotel now boasts countless hues of vibrant colors throughout, while continuing to maintain the original design throughout. On top of soaking in the stunning aesthetic, guests are encouraged to dine at the restaurant onsite, Purple Palm, and to indulge in treatments at the luxurious spa.

6 La Plaza, Palm Springs, CA 92262



Mr Lyons

Photo courtesy of Mr Lyons

Mr. Lyons is a shot of retro from food to finishes. Patrons enjoy a blast from the past as they feast on their chopped salad or chow down on their great steak chop. While the menu features all the staple items expected of a traditional steakhouse, the décor and vibe vastly contrast those associated with classic meateries. The restaurant boasts black and white striped floors with accents of teal, which primarily pop from the velvet banquets and booths lining the restaurant walls. Located in the south end of Palm Springs, Mr. Lyons all in all operates as an ideal spot for carnivores and omnivores alike.

233 E Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92264


Photo courtesy of Farm

Farm transports its patrons to the charming town of Provence, France. Captivated by her time in time in Provence, Liz Ostoich, the owner of Farm, yearned to capture the essence of this region, reflecting its delicious cuisine and the effortlessly chic atmosphere it exudes in her own restaurant. Preparing all its dishes with the freshest locally sourced ingredients, Farm continuously offers a dynamic menu, which often changes daily. The atmosphere, like the dishes, captures the aurora of Provence, as guests dine in a flower-lined garden and terrace.

6 La Plaza, Palm Springs, CA 92262

Purple Palms

Photo courtesy of The Purple Palm

Similar to many foodie hotspots in Palm Springs California, Purple Palm’s décor flaunts vibrant colors and unique, intricate features. Design of this vivacious restaurant draws inspiration from around the globe: red patterned walls and tiled floors from Spain, red and white café chairs from France, and orange frilled Moroccan lamps. Despite such wild décor, Purple Palms offers its patrons a relaxed atmosphere with both indoor and outdoor dining options. The kitchen is helmed by Chef Nick Tall who brings an innovative yet approachable take on Californian cuisine. Purple Palm’s beverage program further compliments the delicious food presented at the establishment, as it focuses on pairing spirits with unusual, bold pairings.

572 N Indian Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92262

Workshop Kitchen + Bar

Photo courtesy of Workshop Kitchen + Bar

Workshop Kitchen + Bar operates as a premier dining destination in Palm Springs, California since its launch in 2011. The popularity of this stylish eatery stems from not only its inventive New American eats and seasonal craft cocktails, but also from its atmosphere and aesthetic. Located in the uptown design district of Palm Springs, Workshop boasts a modernist architectural design and pays homage to the former movie house it resides in. Such a design and décor only enhance the meal for diners. While the design does stun, we cannot ignore the excellence of the cuisine presented at the venue. Workshop offers a market and farm driven menu to patrons with chef owner Michael Beckman and partner Joseph Moran catering to all the details. For a contemporary dining experience, one should search no further than Workshop Kitchen + Bar.

800 N Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92262



Art Museum

Photo courtesy of Art Museum

The Palm Springs Art Museum not only boasts an impressive permanent collection of masterpieces by the world’s leading artists – from Chagall and Picasso to Warhol, Gormley and Rauschenberg – but also seeks to convey a message that applies to the Palm Springs community and the rest of the world. With a commitment to address the global need for communities to blend into melting pots of diversity and unique cultures, the Palm Springs Art Museum focuses on cutting edge visual and performance art to create transformative experiences that will resonate with its visitors. With an array of collections, exhibitions and programs on offer, you will leave feeling inspired and fresh-minded, with a new understanding of the world we live in.

611 SW Kingston Ave, Portland, OR 97205, USA

Indian Canyons

Formerly inhabited by the Band of Cahuilla Indians’ predecessors, the breath-taking Indian Canyons are now open to explore. Navigate across Palm and Andreas Canyon and traverse the perennial San Andreas Creek; explore Murray Canyon, home to many endangered species; travel down Tahquitz’s two-mile trail and conclude your journey at the Tahquitz Twin Waterfalls, rounding off your epic nature expedition with one of nature’s most enchanting cascades. Experience the ancestral home of a Native American tribe, observe their rock art, trails and house pits and simply admire the raw beauty that has reigned here for thousands of years.

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