Hidden in the rolling countryside of Le Marche, this scenic hilltop town has many a story to tell. With its countless historic churches, vineyards, small gastronomic producers, quirky agriturismi, restaurants and olive groves, Monteprandone offers an untouched insight into one of the most authentic regions on the Italian peninsula.

Located in the centre of Italy on the east coast, Monteprandone forms part of the comuni within the province of Ascoli Piceno. Ascoli, as it is known by locals, is a city that dates back to 9th century, its winding streets and striking architecture take you on a journey, reminiscent of Rome and other ancient Italian municipalities. Still largely untouched by mass international tourism, perhaps thanks to its limited access by major rail routes – Ancona and Pescara offer the nearest transport hubs along the coast – Ascoli is without doubt one of the most historically rich cities in Italy. The capital of the Ascoli Piceno province, this is a city that counts its gastronomic influence as key. Home to the Olive Ascolane; olives stuffed with minced meat, served hot, this is a city that is also proud to have one of the most striking piazzas in Italy, Piazza del Popolo, where its Comune is located inside the grandiose square. 

Traditional crafts such as shoe and hat making, wine, meat and cheese production still dominate the occupational demographic of Le Marche, with outlets and bodegas full of local goods available throughout the region. An area that buzzes to the sound of music during the summer months, sagre e feste held in neighbouring hilltop towns, each celebrating the culture and traditions of the region, while in the winter its snowcapped rolling hills contrast the view of the sea, just some miles away. Monteprandone offers an ideal position to explore the region, from historic towns such as Offida, to the gastronomic traditions of Campofilone in neighbouring province of Fermo, which annually holds a festival to celebrate its pasta making practice, or to enjoy the Adriatic coastline, with its many fish restaurant specialties and long sandy beaches. Make the meandering, steep and spectacular scenery of this hidden gem your next discovery.


Villa Cicchi | Via Salaria Superiore, 137, 63100 Abbazia di Rosara Ascoli Piceno AP

Dating back to the 1800s, this elegant and stately residence is a fully functioning agriturismo or working farm, run to this day by the welcoming Cicchi family. All dishes served here are made with ingredients collected fresh from the property’s land, and wine from its local suppliers. With only a few rooms, this beautifully preserved building full of antiques and historic components is located just on the outskirts of the city of Ascoli and offers views across the landscape of Le Marche.

Il Sapore della Luna | Contrada Spiagge, 23, 63076 Monteprandone AP

Located in the foothills of the main town of Monteprandone, this rustic and quirky agriturismo and winery, where you’ll find a selection of local wines (Rosso Piceno, Pecorino), offers a chic selection of guest bedrooms and a restaurant that offers a range of locally inspired dishes. With views across the sweeping hills to the coast, this residence combines tradition, comfort and charm.


Lago di Oz


Lago di Oz | Via Piave, 66/A, 63078 Spinetoli AP

Set in the countryside of Spinetoli, along the route to Ascoli, this cosy and welcoming venue not only offers a modern approach to local cuisine, here you will also find a weighty calendar with music events supporting the local music scene. Offering special brunches over the weekend and sourdough pizza on Sundays, Lago di Oz offers a laid back setting and plenty of outdoor space to hold parties in the summer.

Don Fisher Osteria di Pesce | Piazza Bice, Piacentini 5, San Benedetto del Tronto

Among many of the local fish restaurants in and around the coastal town of San Benedetto del Tronto, a short 20 minutes’ drive from Monteprandone, Don Fisher offers a laid back approach to dining, all fish dishes served with local wines.


Piazza del Popolo, Ascoli Piceno


Santa Maria della Rocca | Via Roma, 63073 Offida AP

Considered one of the main architectural features of the whole Marche region, 14th century church of Santa Maria della Rocca offers an ideal opportunity to discover the historic and beautiful town of Offida.

Boutique shopping | Via G. Leopardi, Grottammare AP

Over the past few years Grottammare has welcomed a number of young designers to its shopping district, filling the shops with fresh inspiration and crucial participation from the young people of the region. Here you will find authentic artisanal fashion.

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