Measuring Happiness in Bhutan

A nation located on the southern slopes of the eastern Himalayas between the powerful nations of China and India. Over the past few decades this small kingdom has been slowly raising its voice to speak out about climate change, the importance of sustainability and its nation’s happiness over its gross domestic product. A country like any other, which has accumulated over its history a number of political and religious controversies, in recent times the national focus is on its collective happiness rather than competitiveness or any other characteristic that could destabilise its tranquility and indeed the world around it. A concept that was first introduced by Bhutan’s fourth king in the 1970s, measuring the nation’s happiness over GDP has meant that as a result the country is noted to be second to Denmark on the happiness index. Based on living standards, health, education, psychological well-being, time use, community vitality and cultural diversity, the country is also known for its squeaky clean carbon emissions status, absorbing three times more CO2 emissions than its 700,000 population produces, mostly through hydropower.

Experts have commented that due to its location in the world and its predisposition to disruption by extreme weather conditions, impacts on the ecosystem worldwide and climate change in general will inevitably affect fragile Bhutan. As such it is a nation making an effort to educate about climate change on a global scale. Through the attendance of summits and ecological conferences where the Bhutanese Prime Minister and other representatives impart knowledge on agroforestry and sustainable tourism, this nation might be small but it’s certainly passionate and mighty.

Explore Bhutan through Uma by COMO and discover some of this nation’s most beautiful locations, nestled between the Paro and Punakha Valleys.

Uma by COMO Paro, Bhutan


Paro Bhutan

Uma by COMO, Paro, an intimate, 29-room property featuring the most exclusive private villas in Bhutan with an enviable location in the beautiful Paro Valley, puts you within striking distance of the country’s great cultural landmarks. The style combines local artisanship with COMO’s contemporary style, while activities range from yoga to Himalayan camping adventures.

Botokha Kabesa, Punakha


Punakha, Bhutan

Uma by COMO, Punakha, COMO’s second hotel in Bhutan, is an intimate, luxury lodge located at the far western end of the lush Punakha Valley. From its picturesque base overlooking a snake-like bend in the Mo Chu River, Uma Punakha is ideally located for those who wish to explore this remote Himalayan Kingdom.

PO Box 222, Paro, Bhutan

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