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This week we met with the inspirational Geeta Sidhu-Robb, CEO of Nosh Detox, to find out more about her hugely popular programmes and celebrity followers. Nosh Detox offers home detoxification and weight loss packages to customers around the UK, with products ranging from juice programmes and healthy meal programmes to infusion clinics and health coaching.

In the early days of Geeta’s health journey, she trained as a Raw Chef, Health Coach and Nutritional Therapist with the single hope of easing her son’s anaphylaxis, food allergies and eczema – however it soon became clear that many people could benefit from her knowledge and the products she was creating. Thus, Nosh was born.
Now favoured by celebrities such as Georgia May Jagger and Zawe Ashton, we just had to know more…


We know that you began your education in health and nutrition to support your son. At what point did you realise that the knowledge you had gained could help others too? I had never thought about it until my best friend came to stay with me and spent her whole time complaining about her weight. I got really fed up and chucked a list of stuff to do at her. Weight loss was so easy I couldn’t work out what her problem was. She came back 3 weeks later having lost all her weight and said ‘you know, people would pay you for this!’ – The rest is history.

Did you have a particular clientele in mind when Nosh started out? Is this still true today? Not really – I just thought if I had this as a problem then others would too. I started with the mothers at school and grew that way. In essence it has stayed the same as most of my clients are women in Nosh Detox, with some men. The Nosh Infusion Clinic has a better split between men and women. There’s something about getting a drip which really appeals to men. All my clients are high performers who can’t afford to get ill.

In your journey so far, what has been your most challenging moment and what has been your most satisfying success? My most challenging moment was getting to grips with my finances: I am a lawyer so I couldn’t really add up. I just felt really stupid all the time when we discussed finances, revenues, budgets, costs. So I took an Executive MBA at Cranfield, which showed me what I didn’t know. Then I took a course in excel and sat in front of YouTube videos, watching videos on margins, gross profit, variable costs and applied them to my numbers until hours later it started to make sense. Finally, I acquired a Board full of scarily efficient and successful city types which forced me to up my game hugely. Now I feel more proficient, but I have a way to go still. My most satisfying success? It’s really hard to isolate this honestly. I have the privilege of working with clients daily through my 90 day Vitality programme and it is just phenomenal to see the results people get again and again. Accountability bumps successful results up by nearly 80% and every one of those make it all worthwhile.
On a personal level my son has no eczema, no asthma and is a gym buff. When I think that he was a weedy kid with asthma, eczema and got bullied at school daily, it’s just the most amazingly satisfying feeling – so I get to be satisfied regularly.

You have a strong focus on supporting your family’s nutrition and others, but what product do you find yourself reaching for when you need a pick-me-up? I swear by vitamin drips. It took me a long time to learn that my health really mattered: I used to run myself ragged being a single mother to 3 kids and running my business, until I got sick and couldn’t do anything. Now I have a very clear health strategy and work within it to keep myself at peak health and fitness all the time. I also have a very clear anti-ageing strategy within that.
I base my health on 6 week strategies and book in vitamin drips every time I take a flight or I have a stressful time coming up. I then schedule cleanses either one day a week or if it’s too busy then batching together a couple of days at a time. I also keep a clear eye on my diet and alcohol intake and adjust accordingly. I do love crisps though…they really are my guilty pleasure!

What is next for Nosh? Are there any areas you would like to tackle further? Yes! I want to create ‘one stop shops’ where you can walk in and get your tests done, order your food while waiting for the results, then go downstairs and get your B12 shot and walk out with your nutrient rich meal and juice. Wouldn’t that just be fantastic? And Wellness Hotels so you don’t have to eat badly just because you are travelling! Just to expand our reach and make it easy to be and stay healthy if you want to.


Interview over and seriously impressed by Geeta’s vast knowledge, enthusiasm and vibrant personality, we find ourselves reaching for a raw juice and looking to a healthier future.

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