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With restaurants across Spain and Argentina, the authentic Basque revolution has finally arrived in Shoreditch. Sagardi, located in the heart of London’s culinary centre, follows a philosophy that focuses on simplicity, tradition and quality and recipes passed down through generations from the founder, Iñaki Vinaspre’s family.

Regarded as Spain’s spokesperson for the cuisine of the Basque region, Iñaki works with the Basque Tourism Agency to promote his culinary culture. Iñaki is also credited with bringing this Basque tradition to the rest of Spain when he first introduced ‘pintxos’ in his Barcelona restaurant back in 1996.


Walking into the restaurant it looks like you’ve taken a step into Basque country thanks to the interior designs that make this place even more authentic – wooden floors, chairs and tables and a relaxing atmosphere.

Sagardi is dominated by a striking central Grill, especially designed by Iñaki, where he and his brother Mikel can be seen salting and flaming prime cuts of “Txuletón” from herds that are a minimum of six years old. The beef then undergoes a dedicated maturation process for a period between 3 and 10 weeks to develop the very best textures and flavours. There are two varieties to choose from: “Vaca” (former dairy cows) and “Buey” (Galician ox).

A trademark of Sagardi restaurants, the ‘trainera’, a centuries-old traditional Basque fishing boat, hangs upside down on the ceiling above the central space.

95 Curtain Rd, London EC2A 3BS

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