Coombeshead Farm

Today is the launch date of Coombeshead Farm the working farm and dining room from Tom Adams of Pitt Cue in London and April Bloomfield of The Spotted Pig in New York.

Nestled in 66 acres of meadows and woodland near Launceston, Cornwall, Coombeshead Farm features a 6 ensuite bedroom farmhouse, an open-fire communal living room, whisky room and library, a wine cellar, dining room and open kitchen. The farm offers a full culinary experience, where guests can stay, dine and familiarise with the working farm. Groups will be served bespoke menus and provided with an insight into the produce, farm and the producers of the area. Dinner is served to guests in the 12-cover farmhouse dining room, on a large communal table, with menus ever-changing and evolving according to the season, and based entirely on what is being produced in the farm.

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The menu, a collaboration of both Tom and April’s experience and styles, is comprised of a selection of small and large sharing dishes, including: Whole Pit Baked Mangalitza Ham & Creamed Kraut, Rabbit, Cobnut, & Nettle Sausage, Grilled Onions & Cods Roe, House Curds, Peas, Mint & Sorrel and desserts such as Blackcurrant Leaf Junket.

Future plans will begin in autumn with a curriculum of workshops all based on the techniques and skills used daily in the farmhouse kitchen. Guests can expect lessons such as butchery classes, sausage making, curing, pickling, preserving, and bread making.

Coombeshead Farm is the result of a long-held dream of Tom and April, a shared belief that by serving food derived from trusted, local producers you are building greater relationships within a community, and delivering higher quality food for your guests. The location, Cornwall, seemed the perfect place to start this dream allowing Tom and April to be as near as possible to the farmers, growers, butchers and fisherman that they had come to know so well, people who are incredibly proud and passionate about what they do, and whose produce reflects this.

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