A Guide to Stockholm

Often referred to as ‘Beauty on Water’, Stockholm is a vibrant Scandinavian city where old meets new. This unique capital, spread across fourteen islands, has a historic core dating back to the 13th Century, which remains well preserved to this day. Gamla Stan – the Old Town – is renowned for its narrow, winding, cobblestone streets and snug restaurants, all within close distance to the Royal Palace.

A Guide to The Hamptons

One of the Summer’s most popular destinations, The Hamptons have long been a go-to for glamorous New Yorkers to escape the heat of the city. Located on the South Fork of Long Island, The Hamptons are comprised of a number of towns and villages, each with their own distinctive style. From the surfing paradise of Montauk to the quiet, picturesque Sagaponack to the celebrity spotting hotspot of Southampton, this week in The Edit we take a look at our favourite places to spend time during your next trip to The Hamptons.

Palm Springs

Set in the Sonoran Desert in California, Palm Springs is a hotspot (literally) for all things glamorous. From its fashionable visitors and stylish resorts to palm-lined streets and natural hot springs, the city is a must-visit during the Fall as it boasts gorgeous weather year-round.

Portland, Oregon

Vibrant and eclectic, Portland is fast becoming one of the US’ must-visit cities. From micro-breweries to art galleries, the city is a constantly-changing landscape of culture, art and nightlife. This week in The Edit we take a look at our favourite places in the city to sleep, eat and explore.

Savannah, Georgia

One of the season’s most popular destinations, Savannah, Georgia, offers a truly idyllic retreat in the American South. With restaurants and picture-perfect hotels lining the attractive cobblestone streets, the city’s appeal is easily apparent. Travelers who venture here will experience the warmth, hospitality and charm that the South is so known for. In this week’s The Edit we explore the culinary scene, attractions, and hotels of the one and only Savannah, Georgia.

Todos Santos

Proudly standing as one of Mexico’s ‘Pueblos Mágicos’ (Magical Towns), honoured for its natural, cultural and historical treasures, Todos Santos is an enchanting place…

Cape Town

Cape Town is a cultural, seaside hotspot for both tourists and locals alike. Not only does the city provide vast, scenic landscapes to explore, but it also celebrates the South…

Travelling Puglia

Heading off Italy’s well-beaten track, visitors to Puglia will be rewarded with an area that is authentic, charming and steeped with tradition. From picture-perfect harbours and…

San Francisco

San Francisco: the city of hippies, techies and fashionistas, the city that experienced the Gold Rush and, more recently, the dotcom boom. The city is known for its landmarks…

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