The Blind Pig: Childhood Revisited

Images courtesy of The Blind Pig

Hidden above Jason Atherton’s Social Eating House in Poland Street, award-winning speakeasy style bar The Blind Pig is one of our favourite haunts in London for an evening tipple. With wood-panelled walls, banquettes clad in dark leather and gleaming copper surfaces, The Blind Pig oozes mystery and a prohibition-era glamour.

This week in The Edit we take a look at their new cocktail series – the first since their opening in 2013 – dubbed ‘Long and Short Great British Tails’ and some of our top picks from the menu. 

Hunny Pot

For those who like something sweet, order the Hunny Pot, which pays homage to A.A Milne’s Whinnie The Pooh. Whimsically garnished with childhood favourite, a Percy Pig, this rum-based drink is a deliciously playful beverage choice.


35ml butter washed Havana 7 rum
25ml honey water
20ml fresh lemon
10ml Somerset cider brandy
15ml mead
2 dash orange bitters
Pinch of salt


Shake all the ingredients with ice and serve in a glass (or hunny pot) over cubed ice. To finish, garnish the cocktail with a Percy Pig.

Lost & Found

London’s favourite lost bear, Paddington, has found a home at The Blind Pig. Lost & Found brings toast and marmalade to the table.


20ml toast and marmalade
20ml lemon
40ml Barsol pisco


10ml triple sec To make the toast and marmalade flavour, heat and dissolve ½ jar of sugar and combine with 1 jar of marmalade and ½ jar of water. Soak toast in the mixture then remove. Combine with the other ingredients and shake with ice. Serve straight up.

Half a Pint O’Buttah

For those who have always dreamed of heading to the Three Broomsticks, the Half a Pint O’Buttah is The Blind Pig’s take on a Harry Potter classic.


40ml Monkey Shoulder whisky
15ml Kamm & Sons
10ml thyme liqueur
25ml butterscotch syrup
15ml soya milk
2 dashes Abbott’s Bitters
30ml Samuel Adams lager


Combine all the ingredients (except the beer) and shake with ice. Strain the drink over ice and top with beer before stirring.

With a focus on creativity, innovation and a flair for flavour, it is no surprise that The Blind Pig is one of Soho’s most popular bars. With Jamie Jones, The Social Company’s Group bar executive, and The Blind Pig’s bar manager Dan Berger firmly behind the wheel, this complex yet whimsical menu offers a healthy dash of nostalgia with all their cocktails.

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