Best New London Restaurant Openings

Image courtesy of Hoppers

Living in one of the most fast-paced cities in the world, there are endless new things to do and see every day.

Unfortunately this also means a lot of great finds stay under the radar and go amiss, so we have compiled a list of this month’s absolute must-try new openings that will provide a breath of fresh air, intrigue you and most importantly, tantalise your taste buds.

Ella Canta

Images courtesy of Ella Canta

As renowned chef Martha Ortiz’ first UK venture, she has taken this opportunity to bring some of the notorious Mexican fire and passion onto our British plates and palates. Blending deep-rooted, traditional cooking with creativity and innovative techniques, Ortiz creates artistic masterpieces, both visual and culinary, incorporating some of her most acclaimed dishes from Dulce Patria – her world-renowned restaurant in Mexico City – into the new menu. The Vampire Seviche with Mango and Sangrita Sorbet will provide a punchy start to your meal, and the Pato al Mole Negro – Gressingham duck, plantain plume and corn-infused rice – will showcase the rich, indulgent, cocoa-infused sauce ‘Mole’, that appears to date back to the 16th century and constitutes what is said to be Mexico’s national dish. The interior design of the restaurant will equally exude pure Mexican spirit; internationally esteemed architects David Collins Studio and creative director Simon Rawlings have created a space filled with bold artwork and subtle Mexican modernist references as well as strong shapes, soft colours and clean lines throughout to reflect the architecture and landscapes of Oaxaca. The hand-carved, floor-to-ceiling, walnut bar is without doubt the visual pièce de résistance, and with a stock of carefully selected tequilas and mezcals that make up the list of ‘Mexico’s Gifts to the World’ cocktail list, Ella Canta also provides the perfect spot for a drink in a warm, lively setting.

One Hamilton Place, Park Lane, London W1J 7QY


Hoppers St Christopher’s Place

Images courtesy of Hoppers

After the huge success of their award-winning Soho restaurant and to all the regular visitors’ palates’ pleasure, Hopper’s has just opened a second, much larger venue in Marylebone. Comprising two floors, four private dining rooms and outside seating, this restaurant has a greater focus on accommodating large groups and families, reflecting true Sri Lankan-style shared feasting. Although the menu will still be centred around the pretty pancake-like hoppers and dosas, the St Christopher’s Place restaurant is introducing ‘Rice and Roast’ dishes designed to be shared and enjoyed as a group. From the Banana Leaf Roasted Plaice and the Green Mango and Madras Onion Sambol to the Chicken Buriani, Chicken Heart Acharu and Yoghurt, just combine a selection of feasting platters to suit everyone’s taste – ideal for the indecisive eaters amongst us. Equally, there will be a ‘Taste of Hoppers’ menu for a taste of all the favourites, as well as a selection of ‘Short Eats’ – the Sri Lankan equivalent to small snacks, perfectly combined with a leisurely drink. Featuring an extensive drinks list with all the flavours and spices of Sri Lanka, the stars of the cocktail menu are the Sri Lankan spirit Arrack and the Dutch spirit Genever. The new venue will also see the introduction of frozen slushie drinks, alcoholic milkshakes and, in accordance with the sharing theme, feast cocktails for four guests to share. The interiors are inspired by the Sri Lankan architect Geoffrey Bawa, whose notion was to bring the feeling of outside indoors. The floor-to-ceiling windows flood the space with light, timber accents and marble finishes elevate the space and the traditional patterned fabrics and rattan screens will transport you into a true Sri Lankan experience.

77 Wigmore St, Marylebone, London W1U 1QE



Images courtesy of Ichibuns

Opening its first restaurant just last week right in the heart of Chinatown, Ichibuns is bringing us a brand new Japanese-inspired, deluxe fast-food dining concept. As a play on the Japanese term for number one – ‘ichiban’ – this new eatery has set the bar high, promising to impress with creations from top chef Brendon Fong, inspired by Japan’s food capital, Hokkaido. The idea – which has come from the founders of Nobu –  is to provide the highest quality food at affordable prices, redefining the fast-food industry from casual, and unrefined to a luxury Hokkaido-meets-London dining experience. The menu includes the ICHIBAN burger – a secret Wagyu beef blend enclosed in an innovative sake yeast bun, hand rolled maki by sushi master Endo Kazutoshi and a vegan shiitake mushroom ramen bowl full of rich flavours and spices. The luxury fast-food theme continues with the stylish custom sealed ‘Pop-and-Go’ cocktails and the exclusive ICHIBUNS app that allows customers to pre-order their food on-the-go and pick it up hot and ready when they arrive. On stepping into the venue, guests are engulfed by the Tokyo rock-n-roll décor designed by Noriyoshi Muramatsu of Tokyo’s Studio Glitt – the creative force behind Zuma’s and Roka’s interiors. Referencing the post-war creativity and acceptance of American culture in Japan, Ichibuns boasts some fascinating feature pieces including craft beer can and Manga comic-lined walls, authentic memorabilia from the Japanese Shōwa era and even a wall lined with pachenko pinball machines. In addition, this fast-food breath of fresh air also has a cocktail menu that puts a Japanese twist on some classic drinks, making Ichibuns an absolute all-rounder that is sure to surprise and impress.

22 Wardour St, London W1D 6QQ


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