Top Destinations for 2017

Travel in 2017 is about visiting the destinations we know and love, but to also challenge ourselves to discover something new. Each destination featured in our 2017 Travel Guide has been selected for its incredible scenery, history, and perhaps most importantly, for its uniqueness.

featured destinations


Andaman Islands, India

Famous for being the home of an elephant inhabited island, renowned for inspiring diving and luscious jungle fringed beaches, we recommend Havelock and Jalakara as two beautiful starting points.



With new trekking routes now available and the opening of a handful of beautiful boutique hotels, 2017 is the year to explore the scenery and of course the culture that makes this country so popular.


North Wales, UK

Named as one of the top destinations of 2017, visit the National Parks of Wales this year. Snowdonia, a great starting point, was recently designated a ‘Dark Sky Reserve’ due to its low levels of light pollution.  A national beauty throughout all four seasons.


Oman, Middle East

Home to a huge variety of stunning landscapes, make the most of the towering sand dunes, endless valleys and stunning beaches. With an abundance of new luxury hotels opening this year, now is the time to explore the next big Middle Eastern hot spot.


Canada’s National Parks

Expect dramatic mountainous skylines, vast glaciers, picture perfect lakes and even the occasional bear sighting.  Stunning sights to behold throughout the year.


Antigua, Guatemala

Surprisingly still off the radar, this tiny Central American country has firmly situated itself on our 2017 wanderlust list. Antigua, Guatemala is one of the smaller cities surrounded by volcanoes in southern Guatemala. It’s renowned for its Spanish colonial buildings reflecting its diverse history.


Seville, Spain

This historically rich and colourful Andalusian metropolis brings together Moorish influences and modernity in a loud and beautiful mix. Famed for having some of the hottest summers in Spain, Andalucía’s vibrant capital dates back well over 2,000 years, hosting diverse architecture and the longest serving royal palace in Europe.



Often mistaken for a Caribbean Island, the British territory of Bermuda will be hosting the America’s Cup this year. At only 1050 km off the coast of North Carolina, this easily accessible Island paradise offers a little bit of the familiar.

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