teamLab: Transcending Boundaries

Photo Courtesy of The Pace Gallery © teamLab.

Hidden in London’s Piccadilly, contemporary art gallery PACE LONDON hosts teamLab: Transcending Boundaries from 25 January to 11 March 2017; a truly innovative exhibition, Transcending Boundaries’ immersive experience explores the role of space, art and digital technology.

Founder Toshiyuki Inoko formed teamLab in 2001, an art collective with a keen focus on digital media, art and redefining conceptions. In the time since then, teamLab has grown into an internationally-recognised innovator in the digital art scene, exhibiting in locations such as Kyoto, Seattle, Las Vegas, Singapore and London. Past installations include Ever Blossoming Life Waterfall, located deep in the Mountains of Shikoku, Japan, The Tale of the Heike Waterscreen Scrolls: Genpei Yashima Battle, at the Bellagio Fountains Las Vegas – both of which included specially-designed projections shone onto moving water – and Story of the Forest which is on permanent display at the National Museum of Singapore.

Photo Courtesy of The Pace Gallery © teamLab.

With an impressive range of installations and exhibitions behind them, teamLab has made its way to London and set up shop at PACE LONDON, in Burlington Gardens. Breaking the boundaries between art and technology, this new exhibition continues to focus on the use of space and the interaction between people, place and art. Set across three rooms, immersive artwork will delight (and astound) the exhibition visitors.

Although exhibiting a range of artworks, it becomes apparent that the natural world is a key inspiration throughout teamLab: Transcending Boundaries, with works not only depicting elements of nature but actually evolving, growing and changing in response to physical factors around them. Universe of Water Particles, Transcending Boundaries does just this, with bold lines representing the flow of thousands of water particles, cascading from the ceiling and around viewers’ feet. Another favourite of ours, Flutter of Butterflies Beyond Borders, Ephemeral Life, responds to the space it is in, as computer-generated butterflies cross other pieces of artwork, interact with them and break the physical boundaries between works. The beauty of these butterflies lies in the fact that they are not pre-recorded, they are actually generated at that moment in time by a computer programme, allowing them to truly react to the space they are in and a viewer’s touch.

Numerous other works are exhibiting at PACE LONDON (we won’t spoil all the surprises), each as unique as the last. Whether experiencing the life and death cycle of flowers in Flowers and People, Transcending Boundaries – A Whole Year per Hour or understanding ultrasubjective space with Dark Waves, there is no question that this exhibition is as eye-opening as it is beautiful.

Photo Courtesy of The Pace Gallery © teamLab.

In a carefully curated digital exhibition at PACE LONDON, teamLab has created something that steps beyond boundaries, both predetermined conceptions and physical lines, of art.

teamLab: Transcending Boundaries is open at PACE London until the 11th March 2017.

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