Art & Culture: Kyoto, Paris, LA and Rome

Take a moment to escape the modern technologies of today and go back to the basics of what culture used to be about: art, architecture, history and tradition. With our faces peeled to our mobile phones while we rush to catch the next bus to work, sometimes we fail to see the beautiful history that surrounds us. This week’s The Edit dives into some of the greatest cultural hubs the world has to offer and reminds of our precious heritage that has led us to the modern-day, fast-paced and innovation-driven world we live in today.

Late Summer Sun

As we patiently await our Indian summer here in London, our hearts’ desires naturally induce a midsummer night’s daydream about faraway lands where winter coats are still buried away in wardrobes and hot soups and stews are not to be found on any restaurant menu. Here is a list of the hottest – in every sense of the word – destinations for your final summer sun fix before we give in to the dawning wintery weather.

A Skiers Guide to Piste Paradise

With the world as our oyster, we are no longer restricted to repeating the same local skiing trips. This week we explore the most exciting skiing destinations on a global scale, promising the most powdery snow, unveiling some secret skiing spots and showcasing the most sought-after hotels for an all-round exceptional experience.

The Garden Guide

With Summer just around the corner, we look at the some of the best places to escape the city and explore some of the world’s most magical botanical gardens…

New Year Travel

The Manshausen Sea Cabins photographed by Steve King The New Year means that our travel lists can be overturned and overhauled. […]

New Year’s Eve Bucket List

The perennial battle with New Year’s Eve: should you plan a huge party, entertain friends over dinner or visit a […]

Landmark Caribbean

With the winter months looming, one can only yearn for summer days again. There’s no denying that the Caribbean is […]

Terme Manzi Hotel and Spa

Nestled in the heart of Ischia, Terme Manzi Hotel and Spa by Relais and Chateaux offers a truly magical escape, […]

Doyle Collection

 Comprising a portfolio of eight Irish family owned luxury and urban hotels located centrally in London, Dublin, Washington DC, Cork […]

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