Chefs of Tomorrow

With gastronomic menus, secret dining experiences and Michelin-starred cuisine forever dominating the capital, it may seem near impossible for young, talented and authentic chefs to take the plunge into the rather daunting restaurant and hospitality industry. Taking a step back to the basics, Dan Doherty and Anna Sulan Masing are seeking out the brightest young chefs and bringing them into the spotlight.

Brainchild of Dan Doherty and Anna Sulan Masing, The TMRW Project does just this. Running a range of programmes and talks aimed at supporting and growing young talent, The TMRW Project has been created by two people with an in-depth knowledge of the industry and an idea of how to change it. Both from culinary backgrounds, Dan works as chef director at Duck & Waffle and has done since its launch in 2012, whilst Anna works as a project manager and writes for a number of publications, including CODE Quartlerly. Joined by Emma Underwood in 2016, General Manager of Burnt Truffle, the team is now complete.


Starting with Chefs of Tomorrow, The TMRW Project has now been bringing together young talent since 2015. The Chefs of Tomorrow programme runs a series of a dinners, where unknown chefs are brought together to create a unique four course menu for diners in a professional restaurant kitchen, alongside front of house and waiting staff. Rather than a traditional mentoring scheme, these chefs learn from their peers – an important point in Dan’s plan. It is the time to make mistakes, hone their skills and receive honest feedback from those around them.

The TMRW Project’s second programme, The Switch, had its first successful run in October 2016. Shining the light on front of house staff – from waiters, to bar staff and sommeliers – The Switch gives staff members the chance to switch places with one another for three or five days, work in a new environment and learn from new colleagues.

Bringing a much needed injection of fresh, authentic talent into the culinary scene, we can’t wait to see what’s next in store for The TMRW Project.

The first Chefs of Tomorrow of the year will be taking place on the 20th February 2017 in Charlotte’s W5.

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