Providing a holistic approach to corporate needs, our lifestyle services enhance brand perceptions, build customer and employee loyalty and provide streamlined and effective entertainment and travel logistics. We understand that each client has differing needs, objectives and budgets and we tailor our corporate services reflective of this.

Our Corporate Programs


Corporates, brands or individuals can gift Total Management Membership to reward, thank or incentivise loyal clients or employees.


Offering full access to services under a dedicated team for efficiency and expertise acting as an invaluable support mechanism to a company.


White labelling is available across our services, allowing companies or brands from varying industries to imbed our offering within their own to add value or benefit to their clients.


We can provide a fully equipped onsite concierge to look after guests, visitors and attendees. This can be either White Labelled, Co-branded or Total Management branded.


Total Management can create a completely unique solution to suit requirements by combining and tailoring our offerings to meet your a company’s specific requirements.

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